Sunday, 14th September, 2014

Dungannon to Armagh!

never too busy

So… what’s a Bigfoot?

Runners have their marathon, cyclists have their ‘sportives’. Walkers always seem to be an after thought, always second fiddle to the runners, tagged on to the end of a fun run. Walkers deserve the same level of event in terms of challenge, profile and organisation that runners & cyclists expect.

Bigfoot established a new standard for walking event in 2010 when over 350 people completed the 18 miles challenge. It takes two landmarks, at least 15 miles apart and joins them with an iconic walking challenge. The Bigfoot challenge is between the historic towns of Armagh and Dungannon. This year we're going in the opposite direction and finishing in one of Ireland's most historic location - Navan Fort. We go on the 26th May, 2013.

Bigfoot n. is a linear walking challenge of 15 miles or more between 2 distinct landmarks.

The Bigfoot Handbook

Bigfoot Handbook For people who don't have web access or simply want to carry all this information in a small book, we've created the Bigfoot Handbook. It contains all the information in this website in a handy pocket size format and has a more detailed description of the Bigfoot Route. This is currently being updated and will be available to download shortly.

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